Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leftovers by Heather Waldorf

In most cases when a father dies, their daughters would be distraught, but in Sarah Greene’s case relief floods over her. With his death it means that there will be no more chances for her father to abuse her and take pictures. Along with the relief though comes a nagging feeling due to a still hidden shoebox in her father’s old restaurant filled with kiddy porn that she is determined to destroy. When her desperation to find the box hits an all-time high she takes her mother’s car and crashes it – landing her in a whole heap of trouble with the law. Her punishment: doing summer-long community service at Camp Dog Gone, where shelter dogs go for a vacation.

While at “camp,” Sarah befriends a big romping dog named Judy – who is just as troubled as Sarah, - another troubled soul, Sullivan, and several other people who help her turn her life around slowly but surely. As she comes to realize what is important in her life, she breaks out of her shell that the past created and starts to heal – looking towards a brighter future.

This book is unlike many that I have read before. It takes a dark subject – sexual abuse – and turns it into a journey of healing. Using a fun background the author explores the hurt that accompanies abuse and how other people (or animals in this case) help to heal. The plot turned out to be really cute and I loved the setting with all the dogs running around.

The characters were also quite interesting. Sarah was so guarded that at times it was hard to see who she really was, but as the end of the book approached it was neat to see her personality really unfold. I also really like Sullivan. He seemed like such a happy go lucky kind of guy until you found out about his secrets – which made him very realistic. Another aspect that really stood out to me was the characterization of the dogs. Each had their own unique personality that made the reader feel as if they were curled up at their own feet.

Leftovers really has it all – humor, reality, family drama and a little bit of romance to satisfy all readers interests. It was a great book that I really enjoyed and urge you all to go and pick up a copy for yourself. 


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this one as well. The concept was different and enjoyable.

Kat said...

This sounds pretty good. I'll be looking out for this one.

gurlwholuvsreading302 said...

I was told to read this book and after your review maybe I will!

gurlwholuvsreading302 said...

I was told to read this book and after your review maybe I will!


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