Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts by Jill Wolfson

Dani has had fifteen years of surgeries, x-rays, docotor’s appointments, and her favorite hospital class jello, all because she was born with her heart on the wrong side of her chest. She is more than ready to live the life of a normal teenager, but it will never happen until she has a new heart, but getting one isn’t easy at all.

Amanda has been a gymnast for almost her whole fourteen years. She’s one of the best with her sleek muscular very healthy body. On the biggest day of her career though, in a very common routine, something goes horribly wrong without any notice.

Dani and Amanda have nothing in common, don’t go to the same school, and have no idea who each other are, but their lives are about to completely collide. On a journey through life and death, friendship and hardship, the reader learns about the pains of life and death.

This book is really one of a kind. It deals with heart transplants. It shows the life of a kid who needs a heart and the life of a family who provides that heart. It was a good read, but lacked a lot.

The plot was interesting as I mentioned before, but very repetitive. It was interesting to see two different sides to the story – the family and the recipient. The characters were okay. There were so many that it was hard to keep up with them all at times. Dani was a lot of fun though. Despite her set backs she was spunky and funny and really cared about life. It was also fun to see her relationship with Milo, a boy in need of a new liver, develop. The ending tied together nicely and was very satisfying.

Overall I liked this book and learned a lot. It really opened my eyes to the reality and difficulty of organ donation. There was a lot of emotion even though the writing was little bland. I think it would be interesting to read other books by Jill Wolfson as she definitely peaked my interest with this book. 


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