Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

On an elementary school field trip to the aquarium, a ten-year-old girl gets abducted. She gets named “Alice,” by her kidnapper Ray, and leaves behind the sweet innocent girl from 623 Daisy Lane, becoming a shell of a girl who has been both mentally and physically abused to no end, essentially making her a living dead girl.

All Alice wants is to escape from the pain she faces everyday and the only possible way she thinks she can escape is through death. Then an even more horrible thing happens – Ray asks her to find a replacement for her. Now it’s her task to find another innocent girl for Ray to prey on. Could this be her release, or will Ray dispose of her just like the last Alice?

While this book is completely different then anything else Elizabeth Scott has written, it is just as remarkable. The book leaves a lasting impression on your mind as you read. Trying to imagine everything that Alice has to go through in the book is mind-boggling and it truly makes you realize how horrible people can be and how grateful people should be that they don’t have to endure the same evils as Alice did. Scott’s brilliant writing style shone through this dark novel, making it come alive in the reader’s mind. The emotion that seeps through these pages is absolutely incredible. You’ll want to scream out loud at the horrors that you encounter and cry out in frustration at the events that unfold. This is truly a haunting and unforgettable novel that everyone needs to read. It gives a one of a kind view into a world not much is known of, and one in which we all hope never to visit.


Hillary said...

I read this also. I really enjoyed it. Great review!

Ashley said...

I really want to read this. Good review.

Maggie said...

Hey, there's something waiting for you over at my blog--better check it out!


Readingjunky said...

What a powerful book! It was truly horrifying and has stayed in my mind since I finished it. I think it may be there a long time.

Shalonda said...

That was a really good review. I read this one last month and thought it was great, even though it was tough to read.

Laina said...

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