Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

After Charlotte Miller’s father passes away she is left with the family mill and she is quickly loosing it due to debt. When the opportunity arises for Charlotte to make and sell golden thread she jumps on it. She feels like it is her chance to give her sister a future, livelihood for the town, and a way to keep her uncle away from stealing the mill. This golden thread also might just offer her a chance at true love and a lot of hope.

All things come with a price though. To get this coveted thread, Charlotte must strike a deal with Jack Spinner. The Miller family doesn’t have a good rep though with deals as they are the reason it is in so much trouble now. Charlotte has now found herself and all the ones she loves in a heap of trouble and is desperate to find a way out. Will she figure out her life in time and save the mill or will Jack Spinner get the best of her?

Oh my goodness was this book good. I literally could not put it down after I got started and was desperate for more with each page turn. Elizabeth C. Bunce definteiy made a stunning step into the world of YA with her debut novel. What I loved the most though about A CURSE DARK AS GOLD was how it was a retelling of Rumplestitsken, one of my favorite fairy tales, but was still completely original.

The characters definitely made the book outstanding. Charlotte was strong yet stubborn and the reader really got to know her as the story progressed. I found myself many a time cheering for her in times of trouble and sympathizing with her in times of sorrow. I also loved her relationship with Randall, it was sweet and strong and just oh so wonderful. Charlotte’s sister Rosie was also a handful. I could tell she was bursting with energy and she was so much fun. Even though she didn’t get a lot of face time, the reader still got to know her, and in my case came to love her. As for Jack, well I thought he was great as well. He was funny and tricky, the perfect bad guy.

The plot, as I mentioned before, was great. It was so unique that even if you know Rumplestilten by heart, you will still be surprised by many events and not really know what’s going to happen. There was so much adventure and romance and so many twists and turns that I was fascinated throughout the whole thing. The writing was also something spectacular. The imagey was so vivid that I could feel the dampness of the winter and the sun in the summer. The author also used a great vocabulary. The words were absolutely beautiful and they just completely floated off of the pages.

Overall I absolutely loved this book and it has definitely become one of my new favorite books. It was so new and wonderful that I strongly recommend it to absolutely everyone, especially those who enjoy fairy-tale retellings. I myself cannot wait for more from Elizabeth C. Bunce as I am convinced it will be just as good.


Simply_Megan said...

Rumpelstiltskin is one of my favorite fairy tales so I'll definitely check this one out!

Michelle said...

I agree. Rumpelstiltskin is a great story but it just became amazing in this book. Loved, loved it and I never knew what would happen next.

Lindsay :) said...

Great review. I saw this in the library the other day..I should have picked it up!!!



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