Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

Picking up just days after THE SUMMONING left off, Chloe is back and ready for her next great adventure.

Chloe always thought she was a normal girl, until a couple of weeks ago that is. Now she has been captured once again by the Edison Group, as she is a teen necromancer, that’s right she can raise the dead and she really doesn’t have much control over it. Chloe is now in the race for her life as she has escaped from the Group for a second time and absolutely cannot get caught. Along with her are her three friends, who all happen to be supernatural’s as well. There’s Tori, a whiny witch, Derek, a sarcastic wereworlf, and Simon a flirtatious sorcerer. These four kids have to find help quickly or die trying. If they don’t, the Edison Group will get them once and for all and they would be turned into lab rats, which is the last thing any of these kids want.

I love this series. It is suspenseful and action packed and I couldn’t wait to finish it from the moment I picked it up, it was just so good. If you haven’t read the first book though, I highly suggest you pick it up, because it provides a lot of necessary information.

The characters in the this book were much more developed than in THE SUMMONING. I felt Like I got to know each of the four main people a little bit better and they were actually a lot of fun and wish they had been a bit more 3-D. All four characters really formed a stronger relationship together and it made the book feel less empty. Tori was especially fun, her tantrums made me laugh a lot!

The plot was riveting and fast paced. It literally flew past for me and I couldn’t believe it was over when I closed the back cover. There was so much adventure and many twits and turns that kept my heart racing. I also enjoyed the author’s writing. She did a great job creating a lot of suspense and she quickly developed the story so there was never a dull moment.

Overall I really liked this installment in the Darkest Power trilogy. I absolutely cannot wait for the third book because the ending left the reader hanging once again.

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Amber Skye said...

I love this series. The characters and plot are just so addicting. I can't wait for the third book! *squeals*


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