Sunday, March 14, 2010

Triple Shot Bettys in Love by Jody Gehrman

Geena is starting to completely flip out. Her boyfriend of five months, Ben, wants to get a lot more physical then she’s ready for. Then there is Amber, dear, dear, Amber, who happens to have a crush on Geena’s delectably steamy and hot English teacher, Mr. Sands who also happens to speak to Geena’s soul. Amber knows that she has any chance of stealing the heart of Mr. Sands she is going to need help, a lot of help from Geena that is. Soon Geena finds herself writing MySpace messages to Mr. Sands and making Amber appear as an intellectual, what she doesn’t bet on though is him writing back, but he does. Geena knows that she is doing it for Amber, so it’s not technically cheating on Ben…right?

With all of this drama going on in Geena’s life it’s no wonder she’s about to have a complete melt down. Will she make it through these tough couple of months or will she completely fall apart? And more importantly, will her and Amber find true love?

This was a great sequel to TRIPLE SHOT BETTYS.  Jody Gehrman’s writing was fun and light and just kept you reading all throughout the story.  The whole subject that is dealt with is quite interesting and serious, but the author handled it with a grace that I found very remarkable and fascinating. She also seemed to have a great handle on the teenage mind and how it works with relationships and such, making very relatable characters. I also wish that Hero was a little more present, but hey it’s okay.

On the note of characters I thought that they were very real and felt like old friends. Amber was a little to whiny and I was disappointed with how Geena handled the relationship with her boyfriend, but other than that the characters were so charming and unique I just couldn’t get enough.

Overall I really liked this story and am hoping there will be more about the Bettys in the future. If you haven’t had a chance to read this super funny and great books I highly suggest you pick up a copy. 


Morgan said...

I'm defiantly going to have to check out the first book in this series because this one sounds great. Wonderful review!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I really enjoyed the first book so I should definitely try and get my hands on this one. Great review!


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