Friday, April 10, 2009

Audrey, Wait! By Robin Benway

Audrey was just sick of the drama when she walked away from her boyfriend Evan and ended their relationship. She chose to ignore his mutter of “Audrey, wait” as she walked away. That was her first and biggest mistake.

Just hours after they broke up Evan and his band, the Do-Gooders, are performing their latest song…”Audrey,Wait!” and doesn’t it just turn out that it’s a fabulous song and there is a producer at the show. While everyone else obviously loves the song, Audrey hates it and just wants to crawl into a hole after hearing it. Little does she know that the song will quickly climb up the Billboard charts and send Audrey off into unwanted fame.

All Audrey wants to do is be normal again. She wants to be able to go to concerts and enjoy the music, hang out with her friends, and hopefully go on a date with her super cute co-worker James. But with the paparazzi hounding her day in and day out, she finds that she can’t do anything. Will Audrey’s life ever get back to normal or will she forever live in this life of unwanted fame?

Man was this book good! From the very first page I knew that this book was in its own special class, unlike any other book I’ve read in quite some time. The story is fun and original and the characters are masterfully created.

Throughout the entire story, Audrey’s voice was completely authentic and drew me into the story. The fact that she narrated the story in a teenage dialect was so much fun and really made the story come to life. She really had a sense of personality and you couldn’t help but laugh at all her crazy tactics to escape the public light and just get some alone time with James. Now some authors do really well developing the main character, but Robin Benway did a great job developing all her characters. They all had their own unique personalities and quirks and I came to love them all. Each and every character added to the story in a way that most characters do not, as they all stood off the pages in their own way in order to weave the story together.

The story itself was also very refreshing. The plot was original and didn’t find remnants of other stories mixed in with Audrey’s. As mentioned before the story really came alive and I felt like I was right there sitting in the office with Audrey or rocking out to the bands that she so often discusses. Many a time I found the story to fly by and keep me drawn in until the very end. Overall I was very impressed and absolutely cannot wait for more from Ms. Benway.


Tasha said...

I'd like to read this. I like the title.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I loved this too, it kept me amused on a really long car ride!

Beth Kephart said...

So I was thinking about you, and I came over here, and your site looks wonderful—intelligent and bright as always.

Hoping you are well on this Easter weekend.

Tiqa Khairi said...

I've heard nothing but good things from this one, so I'm looking forward to read this one. I might even buy it since its already out on paperback.


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