Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Lissa and Rose have an unspeakable bond, even by vampire standards. The two ran away from their school, St. Vladimir's two years ago with nothing but each other. Now they've been caught and must return.

St. Vladimir's is not your average boarding school. It's the school for Moroi and Dhampirs. Morois are mortal vampire royalty with a deep connection to elemental magic. They are at a constant risk though. See Strigoi, or immortal vampires, hunt them and are always looking for ways to kill them. That is why there are Dhampirs, or half vampires. A Dhampir's most important job is to protect the Moroi they are assigned to. Rose is Lissa's Dhampir and is dedicated to Lissa in every way. She even tries to protect her from the nasty ridicule thrown at her by students at school.

While St. Vladimir's is supposed to be a safe haven for Morois there is something lurking within the gates that puts Rose and Lissa on edge. Could it be that there is a traitor within the gates?

While battling the social difficulties that arise at the school such as rumors and jealous girlfriends, forbidden romances, and the nasty looks, the girls realize that the most important thing to do is keep Lissa safe and protect her from the threat that she is wanted as a Strigoi.

Yet another great vampire book, of which I am completely addicted to! I really enjoyed this book and was easily swept up into Lissa and Rose's lives. Before I get to all the parts of the book that I liked, I must talk about the beginning. I was completely confused as to what was happening at the beginning. I even had to go back and make sure that I was reading the first book in the series and not a sequel. I felt like that author thrust us into a situation without us knowing anything about the characters. Around the second or third chapter though the characters were explained and I felt like the story really begun. There was no more confusion and I proceeded to completely devour the book. I literally stayed up until all hours of the night in order to finish the book and for me that's saying something! I was really intrigued with the story line which was filled with suspense. While vampires were the central focus, I felt like it didn't take over the entire book and there were also some underlying plots. I liked how there was a love story between Rose and one of the other supporting characters. Overall I was really impressed and I cannot wait to read the sequel Frostbite and future books in the series.


Liv said...

Hooray for vampire books! I'm so glad you read this and liked it. You definitely need to read Frostbite soon. I'm sure you'll love it just as much as Vampire Academy.

Carolina said...

I'm glad you liked Vampire Academy. I can't wait for Shadow Kiss to come out! Great review! :)

4eva Bold'nDelicious said...

My god. I love Vampire Academy. I read the first one in 2 days and the second in less then 24 hours. I just devoured it. I couldn't put it down!
Can't wait till Shadow Kissed, but it seems so far away!


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