Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg

Fashion forward Molly is looking forward to a summer in the Los Angeles sun and working on her application for an amazing internship for the fall. Then her mom gets remarried and Molly’s life is turned upside down. Not only does she have to adjust to this new man, but she’s also just been informed that she has to spend her summer out in Boulder, Colorado with her parents on their honeymoon. What’s even stranger is her family is participating in a house swap, so now someone she doesn’t even know is going to be living in her house, enjoying the summer sun she was wanting.

Mountain-bike loving, nature boy Charlie is looking forward to a summer of exploring new trails and just having fun. Then his two moms spring the house-swap idea on him. At first he is quite upset, but then looks at it as an opportunity to break up with his girlfriend, that he just doesn’t like that much.

Connecting through emails and instant messenger Charlie and Molly get to know each other. Soon their relationship starts to turn into something much more then friends, but can a relationship work out if the two people have never met each other?

This book was a nice surprise. I thought it was really well written and the plot line was completely original. The author did a great job developing the characters, as well as creating great background stories for all of them. For example, the reader knew all about how life was progressing for both Molly and Charlie during their respective summers and how their lives intertwined. What was also so loveable about this book was the fact that it was the perfect, fast love story. While it was love story, it was completely believable. The characters weren’t perfect and their relationship wasn’t cheesy. Charlie was a believable guy. He was extremely cute and had a sweet sensitive personality, but yet he had some major flaws. Molly was your classic shy girl, but yet she was willing to make an effort and she wasn’t critical of herself. It was also really refreshing to read a book where the love was based on personality rather than looks. While the two had seen pictures of each other, they also got to know each other through many a late night conversations and emails, so they really fell in love with the real person instead of the way someone looks. This is a great debut novel from Jordanna Fraiberg and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from her.


Diana Dang said...

Great review, I look forward to it =)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Great review! I loved this too.

Ashley said...

I just finished this one too. I enjoyed it.


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