Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pillage by Obert Skye

Fifteen-year-old Beck Phillips’ favorite activity is causing trouble and his latest scheme is setting off an angry hive of bees through the air ducts in is current school. Maybe this inclination for trouble comes from moving around a lot, a non-existent father, or the fact that his mother is very ill.

When his mom dies Beck is uprooted from his life once again and is sent to live with his wealthy, but estranged uncle out in the mountainous country. On the train ride to Kingsplot Beck meets Kate, who can’t even be bothered to give Beck the time of day, even though he thinks that she is the prettiest thing going. Little do they both know that they are going to see much more of each other, even thought its not at the top of Kate’s priority list.

When Beck arrives at his uncle’s mansion, an air of mystery greets him. While the house has seven floors and hundreds of rooms, Beck along with his uncles and a minimal house staff are the only occupants. What’s even stranger is that Beck’s uncle only comes out of his domed room once in a blue moon.

As time progresses Beck learns dark secrets about his lost family. Secrets that include buried basements, forbidden gardens, an ancient book of unusual family history, and most surprising of all…dragons!

Beck’s life has changed forever and there is no turning back now. Along with some newfound friends Beck is about to embark on his biggest scheme yet.

This was an absolutely great book. It takes you on an adventure that is beyond your wildest dreams. From the very first chapter the author’s humor came out and I found myself laughing along with Beck’s schemes. There was also a great suspense factor. This is one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. I eagerly anticipated each turn of events (of which there were many) and was shocked at many things, especially the ending which gave the term plot twist a whole new meaning. The plot was also very interesting. Incorporating dragons into any modern-day book is always very intriguing and the author had a knack for making everything seem real. And even though the book was set in modern day, it felt like it was set long ago. The whole story seemed to have this vintage fairy tale feel to it, which I just devoured. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to both young and old readers looking for a great read. After reading this book I have definitely fallen in love with the fantasy genre and definitely look forward to more of Obert Skye’s books.


Monster of Books said...

Obert Skye has more books out other then Leven Thump series 0_0 !!! I'll must absolutely check this out,lol (big fan of Obert Skye's Leven Thump Series).

The plot sounds interesting and I'm happy that you reviewed it XD

Jena said...

I love the cover!


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