Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Final Challenge

I decided to do just one more challenge, because they are so much fun! I'm going to do the A-Z Titles and Authors challenge. For this challenge you must read a book with a title from every letter of the alphabet, and then a book by an author who's last name starts a letter of the alphabet. I hope that doesn't sound to confunsing, but if it does check out Thoughts of Joy's blog because she is hosting it!! The list would be to long for the post so just check out my sidebar!


Joy said...

Hi Tasha! Welcome to the A ~ Z Reading Challenge! We are glad to have you and don't forget to come back and link! :)

BTW ~ Being that you read teen books anyway, why not join the YA Challenge? We love being introduced to new YA reads, as you could be too! No pressure, just wanted to mention it.

the story siren said...

hey! i'm so glad you joined this challenge! doesn't it sound like fun... now we can compare lists for some good books!


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