Friday, February 15, 2008

Rebel Angels by Libba Bray

Gemma returns for another fantastical adventure. It is two months after Pippa's death and Gemma hasn't returned to the realms once. She is scared of what she will see and what she won't. At Spence the girls are gearing up for Christmas time and Gemma is extra excited because this is her first Christmas in England. Before they depart for Christmas break, Gemma takes Felicity and Ann into the realms. She is shocked to discover that the magic is running wild, instead of contained like she thought it would be. She soon discovers that Circe is after her and she won't rest until Gemma is dead. Gemma feels the same way as Circe and tries to figure out a plan to capture Circe. When Ms. Moore's replacement comes, Miss McCleathy, Gemma is convinced that she is up to no good. Soon Christmas is upon them and Gemma is home in London with her Grandmama, brother Tom, and alcoholic father. Amidst the dull weather Gemma finds the sun in Simon Middleton. Just a few years her senior, Simon enchants Gemma and it seems that she does the same for him. Felicity and Ann don't let Gemma forget about the realms over the holiday and they are often together. As Christmas draws nearer things in the realms start getting funky and time is running out for Gemma to find Circe. Many new characters are met that add to the mystery of the Order and some old characters are revisited and might not be who we all thought they were.

Please pour some cold water over me because I am still in shock from reading this book! It was amazing. It was all I could do to put the book down. Rebel Angels takes "page-turner" to a whole new level. There is absolutely no way that anyone could predict the ending. The twists and turns are endless and keep you guessing until you read the final sentence. This was a phenomenal book and I think I may like it more than I liked A Great and Terrible Beauty. Once again Libba Bray makes unforgettable characters and a wonderful storyline. I cannot wait to read what happens to Gemma next. I encourage everyone to read not only Rebel Angels, but A Great and Terrible Beauty as well.

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the story siren said...

rebel angels is my favorite book of the gemma doyle series! i'm glad you liked it too!


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