Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Zora & Nicky by Claudia Mair Burney

Zora Hampton is very aware of her African heritage. How can you not be when your father is breathing it down your neck 24/7? But her father treats her with the utmost respect and gives her anything she wants. He makes sure she has the perfect car, apartment, and even boyfriend. Her father doesn't seem to take in her considerations though because he has ignored Zora's love of painting. Zora's not sure if she's happy with her current lifestyle and even though her dad's the preacher of one of the biggest churches in the city, she seems to have lost her way to God. Nicky Parker is the All American rebel. He's hot, can't stand his racist, preacher-father, and he got a girl pregnant. He decided to California to get away from his father and get rid of his player reputation. When he returns he seems to have left God in California. This unlikely pair is brought together at a Bible Study far from each of their home churches. There is instantly a spark of love and neither one of them can get the other off their mind. These two have nothing in common except that they are both preacher's kids or PK's as they like to refer to themselves. Within a week of meeting each other circumstances throw them together at every opportunity, creating a love so deep that nothing can tear them apart. Could it be the hand of God?

At first I was anxious to read this book, but when I started it I was really bored. There was still something there though that wouldn't let me put the book down. Whatever you do, read at least 100 pages into the book and you'll be hooked. I am so glad I continued reading because this is one of the most memorable books I have read in a while. It made me feel so many different emotions and really contemplate my life. Usually when I think of a love story I think about those cutesy little Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies. Well let me tell you, Zora & Nicky is not a book like that. It is one of the most powerful love stories I've ever read. It is not only love between Zora and Nicky, but their love and relationship with God. These characters go through thick and thin to be with each other, defeating all odds. If you are looking for a love story that will open your eyes to the world, then Zora & Nicky is the book for you. Even if you are not looking for a love story, still pick it up and read it. There are so many lessons to be learned whether you are white, black, yellow, or red. The characters in this book are so well developed that the reader can actually feel the character's emotions. I know if I was in Zora's position I wold never give Nicky away either. I think a round of applause is definitely in order for Claudia Mair Burney for a stunning, heartfelt novel.

I'm sorry that this is such a lengthy post, but I truly felt so different after reading this book that I had to gush about it! Even if Christian literature is not your thing, you should still read the book because there are so many more themes in the book besides the whole God thing. Trust me, this is the first Christian fiction book that I have ever read, and as you can see, I loved it! Keep an eye out for it because it comes out in April.


the story siren said...

great review!! i was thinking about reading this for my a-z challenge.

Joy said...

Wow! :) You have piqued my curiosity about this book! And, yes, it's great for a "Z" book and the YA Challenge!

Juli said...

I'm looking for a "Z" book. I'll take this one into consideration. Thanks for the review!


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