Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher

Alice thinks she is invisible. The only person that seems to know her is her best friend in the whole entire world, Jewel. They are the perfect pair. They both enjoy coffee and art, and life couldn't be better. That is until the blood bath dance rolls around. Alice wants desperately to go with the star football player Simon Murphy and never thinks it could happen in a million years. Then the impossible happens. Simon Murphy kisses Alice - the same day Jewel kisses Alice. Alice is overwhelmed. Overcome by emotions Alice goes with the perfect guy, Simon Murphy. They quickly bond, and Simon soon asks Alice to go to the Blood Bath dance. This sends her friendship with Jewel over the edge and it seems like they are no longer best friends. Alice and Simon's relationship gets serious pretty fast, but Simon's a good guy and leaves all the decisions up to Alice. All Alice wants is a friend to confide in. She realizes that Jewel is the only person that has ever been her friend. She soon comes to see that it's o.k. to branch out and that in all reality she is not the slightest bit invisible, if only she puts a little effort in.

I loved this book. I want Alice to be my best friend! She is a thoughtful character who I see so much of myself in. Liz Gallagher created an extremely vivid setting of Seattle, WA. I felt like I was walking the same streets as Alice and I could almost feel the rain dripping on my forehead. The other characters besides Alice also had great depth. Sometimes I feel like authors only put their effort into creating the main character, but not in this case. Each character had their own personality and set of quirks, which made me feel like I really knew them. All in all I highly recommend this fabulous book, and I look forward to seeing what Liz Gallagher has in store for readers next!


the story siren said...

i glad you liked this! i really liked it too!

Liz Gallagher said...

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm so glad that you liked Alice and her friends.

As for what's next, let's just say that I'm spending a lot of time figuring out Vanessa . . .

-- Liz Gallagher

Anna said...

I have this book on my shelf, waiting to be read! Thanks for the great reaview!

je t'amie.

Em said...

Isn't this a great book? I can't wait to read other novels by Liz Gallagher.


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