Friday, May 16, 2008

And Another Awesome Author Visit: Siobhan Vivan

Today I am pleased to say I have a lovely interview with the one and only Siobhan Vivian. She is the author of one my favorite books of 2008 And A Little Friendly Advice. Click here for my review. She is not only a fabulous writer, but also a super nice and hilarious person!! To see what I mean check out her website. Also if you haven't had the pleasure of reading A Little Friendly advice head over to Teen Reads and enter to win your very own copy!! Without further ado I present you with my interview with Siobhan. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

And a big thanks to Siobhan for stopping by!!

1. When did you realize you wanted to become an author?

I figured out that I wanted to be a writer during the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I had taken a creative writing summer course at an art school and had the best time making my own zine. It was the first time I had ever wrote something just for myself—without an assignment or a prompt from a teacher—and I was surprised at how many crazy ideas I came up with.

2. What sparked the beginning of A Little Friendly Advice?

The story grew out of a high school memory when my group of friends split on how to handle a situation with a girl who was in a bit of emotional trouble with her boyfriend. Most of us were okay with letting her call the shots on how she wanted to handle things, even though she kept making the same mistake. But another friend thought we should draw a line in the sand for her own good. I thought it was an amazing situation, where a friend could be kind of hurtful AND caring in the same moment.

3.Which character do you see the most of yourself in?

I think I am most like Katherine. I am sort of a loud mouth and seek people’s attention, but all my bravado is a cover for some major insecurities that I have.

4.Out of all the characters you created in ALFA, who is your favorite?
Charlie! I want to date him!

5. What experiences have shaped your writing style?

Going to grad school was definitely the most helpful thing. I learned a lot about prose, how to construct a story, and I met a great group of girls who are now my writing group.
6. What are your top three favorite books?

Blankets by Craig Thompson
Rabbit, Run by John Updike
Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky
7.What’s one crazy fact about yourself that you want to share?

I have two tattoos!

8. What can we expect from you in the future? What are you currently working on?
My next YA novel will be out in Spring 2009. It’s called SAME DIFFERENCE, and I am so excited about it! It’s the story of a girl name Emily who grows apart from her childhood best friend.

9. What’s one of the hardest parts of being a writer? The best?
The hardest part of being a writer, for me, is being so emotionally involved with my work. When the writing is going well, I’m over the moon. But when things get hard, or I don’t know what I am doing, I get very, very depressed.
But the best part is hearing from readers who liked or connected with my book. That makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile!

10. In ALFA, Ruby discovers a love of photography. Do you too share her picture taking passion?

Absolutely! I am big into photography. I love making stuff with my hands. Right now, my favorite craft to do is embroidery. I have a huge binder full of pretty string.

11. What’s your ideal writing environment?
A coffee shop with no internet. Internet is my vice!

12. Are there any questions you wish I’d asked?
I wish you’d asked me how cute you were, and I’d have said very.


RR2 said...

Internet is my vice
Nice interview!

Liv said...

Siobhan is just so cute. I love her! Great interview!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Siobhan is the best!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Great interview - I agree about the best parts and hardest parts of writing! :)

Rachael Stein said...

i just love siobhan vivian. she's so funny and i cant wait for her next book :D

Axa said...

great interview. Can't wait to read A Little Friendly Advice!

Barrie said...

What a fun interview! Siobhan and her book both sound delightful. I must read it!

Reading is for Lovers said...

Nice interview.
want to do a link exchange?

Melissa Walker said...

Siobhan is completely delightful! Great interview.

Anonymous said...

Siobhan rocks.

We have a Charlie appreciation society.


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