Thursday, May 1, 2008

Author Visits and a Contest

I always love when I get to do an interview with an author and I especially enjoy reading other bloggers author interviews. So I decided that I am going to unveil a new feature for my blog. I'm going to feature a particular author every Friday. I will post either a guest blog or an interview, depending on the author's preference. Hopefully there will also be giveaways!!

Lately though I have had a complete lack of creative ideas and need help with coming up with a fun and witty name for my author feature. So I thought I would host a contest for the best name. All you have to do is either comment or email me,, with your name suggestion. You have until May 8, at midnight E.S.T. to send me your suggestions. I decided this time to open my contest up to anyone and everyone, no matter where you live. This way I can have a great pile of names to choose from. On May 9th I will pick my favorite name and the lucky winner will get this fabulous prize:

So bring on your creative ideas and next Friday I will unveil the winner and have my first author visit.

**Looking for another great contest? Enter The Story Siren's Frostbite contest. All you have to do is comment. Really could it get any easier?


Becky said...

I'm not particularly good with creative names--I'd probably call it Friday Favorites. Not that clever, but it's what came to mind.

What about "Getting To Know You"? Still not that clever...

The Whirlwinds said...

A-commenting we go!

My name suggestion is... well actually, at first I thought I'd put something slightly horrid like the Write Source or anything like that. But I think you should go with Author Aegis (meaning you get support from and about authors). How bout that?

Fingers Crossed,

I am obviously hideously unendowed in the creativity department.


Anonymous said...

How about:

Fab Fridays

Wicked Writers or Wicked Writer Fridays


just a few I thought of. I might come back with more. Hope you like them!

Breanna said...

Hmm how about

The Day of Literary Masters

Ha, that sounds so cheesey.

I'm not too creative.


Axa said...

How about "Inside the mind of: [author name]" or

Friday Author Insights (FAI)

Rachel said...

I am the last thing from creative...but I do happen to live in japan so:

Maishu Kinnyoubi: This time, This place.

So the maishu kinnyoubi means everyfriday. In english it sounds kind of dorky but: Every friday: This time, this place.


Muffins a.k.a Rachelw

Anonymous said...

ok here's some others:

Author(or Writers) Bites

Confessions (or Diaries) of Young Adult Writers (or Authors)

Rant and Raves (Friday)

A.A.- Authors Anonymous
No matter who tries to pull us away from our addictions of books, we just can't quit =P

Author(or Writers) Affair-

I just thought it would be funny to say " My Affair of the week was with ...."
yeah, I know, Bad ME! *Smacks own hand*

If I think of anything else i'll be back again

Bunny B said...

How about "Author-ized Access".
Sorry, could only come up with one.

Anonymous said...

How about "Freyja's Focus"?
Freyja being the Norse goddess of Love and Beauty that Friday was named for.
You could use a brunhilda graphic like this one:

Breanna said...

Oh heres another one

Fabulous Author Friday
you could call it FAF for short.

I actually really like that one, woot go me, lol.


dd said...

Thanks for the contest! =D I’ve never considered myself very creative or anything but I actually came up with a name. How about ‘Another Awesome Author Visit’?! Or ‘And Another Awesome Author Visit’. You can change the visit to anything like interview or day! (I couldn’t find a synonym to visit that was cool and started with A, sorry-but that might have been overkill anyway) It has alliteration (Never underestimate the power of alliteration! ;)), and it is also linked to the name of your blog, so it’s unique and specific to YOUR blog and no one else’s. And then you can have a theme/motif and everything! =D
~Lucy D =)
koolios AT hotmail DOT com

Becky said...

I know this one is cheesy, but how about "Drumroll, please"


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