Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Danielle is a girl of many names. Depending on the town she and her mom are in the name changes. Why is it that Danielle doesn’t want anyone to know her identity? It’s simple really; she and her mom are thieves. They go from town to town pilfering silver from the rich families in the area. As soon as one job is done they are planning the next one. When they arrive in a little coastal town called Heaven Danielle immediately knows that this place is different. While her mother has always told her the only things to believe in are silver and things you can hold, Danielle begins to realize that there really is more to life than just stealing. While Danielle is scouting the town for her mother one day, she ends up meeting Allison and Greg. While it is common for Danielle to meet people from town to town, she has never really had a friend let alone a boyfriend. Allison seems to be one of the nicest girls Danielle has ever met and while she knows it wouldn’t be a good thing for them to be friends; she can’t help but love Allison’s bubbly personality. Then there’s Greg. Greg is cute, interested in Danielle, and a cop! Danielle knows he is totally off limits, but she can’t help being attracted to him. They forge such a special relationship that Danielle can’t help but tell him everything, even her name. When Danielle and her mom run into conflict, she will be tested to make the most important decision of her life; to follow what she has always known, or to walk out onto a branch and try something new.

WOW!! This is what was going through my head as I finished the book. It was amazing in every sense and Elizabeth Scott has out done herself yet again. I’m really not sure how it’s possible, but her novels just get better and better as they come out! This is by far my favorite of her novels, though they are all excellent. The story was completely original and was beautifully written. There were no hitches between paragraphs where I felt myself wondering what was going on, everything just flowed. Danielle’s character was also one of a kind. She had so many emotions that she thrust upon the reader that I truly felt like she was telling me her story I wasn’t just reading it. Also Elizabeth Scott has once again shared an important lesson, not accepting the life your parents had as your own, and made it clear to the readers in a fun way. I was really intrigued to read about how Danielle struggled deciding what kind of life she wanted to live, not just the life she was always used to. I think this is definitely a prominent issue with teens today and like I said before, Elizabeth made thinking about the importance of this decision very real and significant. I absolutely cannot wait to read more by Elizabeth Scott as she is truly a gifted, wonderful, and fabulous author.


Axa said...

I can't wait to read this one.

Anna said...

I loved this book to death. I think I read it in like one night. And I took to my community choir practice and DID NOT want to put it down at all. I hid it in my folder. lol.


Liv said...

I'm desperate to read this book! I've loved all of Elizabeth Scott's other books, I'm just waiting for my library to get Stealing Heaven in. Great review!

Rachael Stein said...

i know! elizabeth scott is such an amazing writer. i loved this novel :D

Em said...

Great review! :-)

Anonymous said...

I really liked this one! Looking forward to Living Dead Girl!!!!



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