Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buggy Crenshaw and the Bungler’s Paradox by R. M. Wilburn

Good and evil always have and forever will battle against each other. Warriors fight constantly on the behalf of the Greater Good, but why don’t we see anything that goes on? Well because all battles occur in hollows, and currently there is quite the battle occurring in Lloyd’s Hollow, a place where magic runs rampant and dreams are just for the imagination.

Days before her twelfth birthday imaginative Buggy Crenshaw’s life changes forever when her father blows up his garage while experimenting with his latest invention. Having upset the fire department and many neighbors, the Crenshaw family decides that it would be best to move, and they just so happen to find a home in the quaint little village of Lloyd’s Hollow. Yes, the same place where that epic battle is wagging on between good and evil. When Buggy arrives she thinks all of the weird things that are occurring, such as the dragonfly in her light shade coming alive and the really weird looking principal are just her over active imagination. But when she learns that all these things are real, from her new friends, Sid and Veronica, Buggy begins to wonder why her family had to move here.

As the days continue though Buggy learns that it wasn’t chance that her family ended up in Lloyd’s Hollow. She was meant to be there and she is destined to embark on a dangerous journey to set evil in its rightful place. Along with Sid and Veronica, Buggy learns much about her newfound magical abilities and sets off on an adventure so crazy that not even her wildest dreams could have created.

Talk about wildest dreams! This book was great. It didn’t take me any time to get sucked into the adventure and I was incredibly impressed with the imagination and creativity that went into writing this book.

I really enjoyed how Buggy really seemed to take on the role of author as the story progressed. She really paid attention to the little details that make a story interesting and didn’t spend much time talking about herself. I loved how she took a leadership role and didn’t complain about the obstacles that were presented to her. She also made the book very comical when she described different events. I also loved Buggy’s dad, who was probably one of the quirkiest characters I have ever met. He was fun and I could totally relate to the fact that he thought he was the next great inventor. I mean who hasn’t thought that their idea could revolutionize life as we know it? He definitely made the book memorable, but Buggy was definitely my favorite character.

The actual plot of the story was magical. I loved how the author took a classic thing (the battle between good and evil) and added a magical twist to it that made it one unforgettable adventure. I felt like this book had the same kind of adventure feel as the Rick Riordan books have, which made the book even more enjoyable.

I really don’t think there was anything that the author could have improved on in this creative and imaginable novel. I am definitely looking forward to further books, especially the sequel, Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution, which is currently available.

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