Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geek High by Piper Banks

Miranda Bloom is a math genius who attends Notting Hill Independent School for Gifted Children, better known as Geek High. Miranda has a bit of a discombobulated life. Her parents are divorced, she has an evil stepmother and stepsister, she has no boyfriend in sight and while she goes to a genius school the only thing that’s “special” about her is that she is the human calculator.

At the end of the summer Miranda feels like her life has come to an end when her mom announces that she is going to England to do research for her next book, without Miranda. Now Miranda has to live with her dad and her evil step family! The only comfort she has is her sleek greyhound Willow. Then when there is a bit of a misunderstanding and Miranda is thought to be the source of the problem, she is assigned to plan the dreaded Snowflake Gala. Most kids dread going to the Gala since it is filled with lectures and bland chicken, but Miranda wants to revamp the whole image, even though dances are totally not her thing. In between planning the Gala, Miranda has to deal with fitting in at her new home, dealing with her crush falling for her step-sister, and hopefully finding a guy of her own.

This book was too cute!! I mean I totally loved that Miranda was a math geek, as I must say I’m a HUGE math geek!! While I’m on the subject of characters, let me just say that they were well created. Miranda was very real, having to suffer step-parents, having your crush fall for the totally wrong girl, and most of all finding a guy that will like her back! The other characters in the book were totally great. They had some really fun quirks that made the book even more enjoyable and it was nice to someone else in the spotlight at times. It was also a really quick read, but it had enough substance to be a real book. While it was a little cliched at times I still loved it. I must admit though I am a bit of a sucker for those classic cliche stories. Overall I was really impressed with this book and I love the geek power. I am psyched to read the sequel Geek Abroad, and I urge you all to pick up Geek High if your looking for a light, super fun read.

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Lenore Appelhans said...

I was never a math geek but I was on the knowledge master team :)

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