Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Horse of Her Own by Annie Wedekind

There is nothing in the world that fourteen year old Jane loves more than horses. Especially Beau, the horse she rides over at the local barn, Sunny Acres. While she loves Beau to death she still wishes that she had a horse to call her own. Even though Beau is not her own, Jane is excited to learn that she will get to ride him at riding camp this summer. What’s even more exciting is that she gets to spend six weeks with her best friend Robin. The down side is she will have to endure that group of rich girls whose favorite thing is to tease her. Just after camp begins though Jane receives devastating news. Beau has been sold. Jane’s heart breaks as she realizes her trusted companion is gone and so are her chances of participating in the end of summer show. All hope is not lost though. When Jane’s trainer offers her the chance to help train a new horse Lancelot, who is a little rough around the edges but has great potential, Jane is a little leery, but eventually she realizes that she can’t say no. With the help of the new stable boy Ben, Robin, and her trainer Susan, Jane embarks on a journey of hope and self-discovery that will change the way she sees everything.

A Horse of Her Own was a great book. I really enjoyed the compassion embedded in the pages and felt so connected with Jane. While I am not a horse-savvy person I felt that it was very easy to follow the story. I loved how Jane was able to discover herself in such an original tale. The other characters were also well developed. While Jane is definitely the center of the story I liked how the author put the spotlight on some of the other characters too. It gave a refreshing variety to the story and made me enjoy the book that much more. For fans of horse stories this is definitely a book for you, but even those who aren’t still pick up the book -it is definitely worth your while. It is a beautifully written novel about truly discovering yourself and learning to get back up when you’re pushed down.


Amanda said...

I'll have to check it out. Great Review!

PJ Hoover said...

This one is in my TBR stack (so huge now and only getting bigger!).


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