Friday, August 15, 2008

My So-Called Family by Courtney Sheinmel

Leah loves her family, she really does, but there just seems to be a hole that just can’t seem to be filled. While she has a mom, she doesn’t really have a dad. It’s not that he’s not around, as she has a great stepdad, but she’s a donor child. When trying to find out more about her donor, Leah comes across the Lyons Reproductive Services sibling directory where a list of all the children that a donor has fathered is compiled. Using her “emergencies only” credit card (who wouldn’t declare finding long lost siblings an emergency?) she signs up to see the list and discovers that Donor 730 fathered four other children. The best part is that there’s a girl who’s exactly the same age as her. Leah is too excited for words, but then there’s the issue with her mom. See her mom doesn’t think there is anything wrong with the family that Leah currently has and doesn’t understand that Leah feels incomplete.

All while growing up, becoming a teenager, and dealing with the fun of eighth grade, Leah struggles to find out who her real family is. Rebelling against her parents, finding trustworthy friends, and most of all learning about oneself, we will all be able to relate to Leah’s warm story.

What to say about this book? I loved it; It was heartfelt; it was magnificently constructed; or all of the above? Actually it was more than the above. Courtney Sheinmel created a one-of-a-kind novel that was one of the truest self discovery novels I have ever read.

Whether old or young, everyone can relate to Leah. Whether it be finding the right friend that you can trust with a powerful secret, loving the skin you’re in, or discovering the true meaning of family we can learn so much from Leah. Leah also makes us remember what it was like to be an eighth grader, and she grew up in just the right way. She rebelled, she apologized and most of all she didn’t made it look easy. Most books these days show us that becoming a teen is easy for the most part. While you may hit a couple of bumps along the way, overall it will be like nothing happened. Courtney Sheinmel reminds us that it’s not all fun and games, but we will survive.

Another great thing about this book is the reality of it. I could really envision Leah’s life and felt like I was right there walking beside her. I loved how the sights were real and the story just unfolded in my head. I felt like I was actually living the story instead of just hearing it.

Overall this was an amazing book that readers of any kind will enjoy. Whether you are a young reader, a teen, or even an adult, you will be mesmerized by Leah’s story and will truly value the meaning of family. I truly hope that Ms. Sheinmel will continue on as an author as she has an amazing talent that definitely shone through in her debut novel.

This is yet another wonderful Class of 2k8 release that will be available on October 21.


Amanda said...

courtney is an amazing writer and i can't wait for the book to come out. thanks for featuring her.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Awesome! I simply can't wait to read this book! I will be buying it for every teen I know.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

The book sounds amazing, and SO timely! I know two friends trying to get pregnant with donor sperm, and I know this issue is big and getting bigger! I'm pre-ordering 10 copies right this minute.

Booked Books said...

I love your review for this book - thorough, descriptive, and engaging. lol..I feel like I'm reviewing your review.

This sounds like an excellent book.

All in all, great job. I'll definitely add this book to my wishlist.

Hillary said...

I really want this book! But I think I'll wait for the paperback. Great review!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, everyone . . . especially Tasha!

Anonymous said...

Great review! I'm hoping to get a review copy of this sometime. :)


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