Thursday, March 6, 2008

Devilish by Maureen Johnson

Jane and her best friend Allison have always been outsiders. This becomes even more evident when there is the Big-Little ceremony at the girls' school, St. Theresa's School for Girls. This ceremony is where freshman, or transfer student, pick a senior to be their mentor, really all it is though is a popularity contest. When Allison accidentally vomits on a freshman girl's head she knows that her social life is over and rushes off to hide. Jane immediately goes and tries to help her, but just can't seem to get through to her. Then all of a sudden a new girl, named Lanalee, comes in and declares herself as Allison's "little" and makes Allison feel a whole lot better. The next day Allison has been transformed. She's dyed her hair, has a whole new wardrobe, even a Coach purse. Jane starts to sense that Lanalee may not exactly be the friendliest person and could be bad news. Jane's suspicions are confirmed when Allison confides in her that she made a contract with a demon. Allison doesn't even have to tell Jane that the demon is Lanalee. In order to save her friend Jane makes a deal with Lanalee. If she can get her ex-boyfriend, who's with Allison, kiss her by midnight on Halloween then Allison and Jane's soul will be saved, if not - Jane's soul will be sucked out of her body. With the help of a very interesting boy named Owen and a teacher at her school Jane embarks on a journey to stop the evil Lanalee and dig herself out of the grave that she has just dug for herself. Will her efforts be in vain, or will good conquer evil?

I thought this book was really good. Maureen Johnson is such a good author. She packs her books full of humor and the stories are completely original. The characters are also very different. For example, Jane is described as being 4'11 with short spiky blond hair. For some reason this made me laugh every time that she was described. I don't know if this was the author's intention, but I loved it. Like I said before, the story line was very original. I've heard a lot about vampire books, but none about demons disguised as teen girls! All in all I really liked the book, and look forward to reading more from Maureen Johnson.

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Nurin said...

ooo....I loved this book. Great review. :)


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