Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thirteen by Lauren Myracle

Winnie has finally reached her thirteenth birthday. She doesn't think life could get any better. She has two wonderful best friends forever (BFFs), Dinah and Cinnamon, and a super hot boyfriend, Lars, who held her hand just last week! Everyday is a new adventure for this fun teenager. Her six-year old brother Ty always has intriguing questions, and it seems that some times he will only listen to Winnie. Then there's her sister Sandra who's in her senior year of high-school and is moody most of the time, but at other times can offer some great sisterly advice. Winnie soon begins to realize that being thirteen has its ups and downs. She's on the rocks with Lars, and doesn't quite know how to handle it, as it is her first real relationship. And then there's Joseph, the little boy in her brother's class who has leukemia. Even though she doesn't know him Winnie feels sorry for him. This makes her look at life in a whole new way. Over the course of her thirteenth year, Winnie faces lots of new things, each one exciting in its own way. Even though life sometimes gets a little hectic, Winnie knows she loves being thirteen!

This book was really cute. There are two other books that come before it, Eleven and Twelve, but I don't think it's necessary to read them before reading Thirteen. I loved how Lauren Myracle made Winnie such a real character. It seems that characters in other books like Thirteen have really unrealistic goals or outlooks on life. Winnie seemed to be really down to earth and very likable. I could relate to a lot of the issues that she faced, and it was easy to laugh along with her. This is a great book for any girl, young or old, and makes you see growing up in a fun way. I look forward to seeing if Winnie's story continues.

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julia said...

Hey Tasha!
I am just dying to read Thirteen! I am almost done Twelve and it's so good. I was wondering if you could tell me how you like the book and if it's better than the others. If you could that would be great! Thanks!
PS:to reply back to me, look under Julia's Blog Space and there will be a pic of toad.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, thanks so much. I am reading this book for Summer Reading, and was having trouble understanding it. After reading what you wrote, it gave me a whole new point of view on the book.

Thanks again,
Melissa Carly

Anonymous said...

I Have Read Eleven And Am Finishing Thirteen right now. Its A Good Book. I Havent Gotten Twelve Yet. I Just Can't Wait. I LOVE READING. :) Have fun to others who are reading Lauren Myracles Books!

Superwoman said...

OMG i LOVED twelve and im dieing to read thirteen. winnie seems so pretty :) but whats REALLY weird is Cinnamon. I mean, really? Cinnamon? Awww-kwaaard!

Unknown said...

I read 11 and it was really good. then i realized i wanted to read twelve and they just kept on getting better and better. Twelve was excellent.Now im going to the bookstore to try to get 13.

Anonymous said...

i'm a dutch girl, but i like this book so much !
i have to read it for my english class , i've bought it on my thirteenth birthday when i was on the airport in houston . first i didn't understand it at all , but now i've read this i understand the whole book THANKS !

Anonymous said...

This book opened my heart and I reading it was just so exiting! I'm looking forwars to other books from Lauren Myracle... <3

Maggie said...

Hello, Tasha!
I really love your book, I read eleven and twelve in 3 days. My friend Emma recommended the book to me. So I just thought maybe it'll be good but just like that, i fell in the book and read for hours and hours didn't noticing that mum was telling me to go to bed. eventually, i went to bed at 12:1 last night. My friend Emma is going to give me thirteen and thirteen plus one tomorrow and i'm waiting and dieing to read it. i love your books, i realized how hard it might be to grow up. i'm twelve too and kinda hard.

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