Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Mystery of Martello Tower by Jennifer Lanthier

Hazel and Ned are in for the summer of their lives. Just days after their return from boarding school their father disappears without a trace. If that wasn't enough to send the kids into a fury they soon find out that two people in particular, Richard C. Plevit and Clive Pritchard, have been harassing their good-friend and babysitter Frankie. When Frankie is asked to go to New York she knows she can't refuse because if she does she will surely lose her job. Hours after Frankie leaves Hazel and Ned walk into their father's study to find it devoid of everything. They instantly know its been burglarized and they lock themselves in Frankie's apartment to brainstorm ways in which all the mysterious events are connected and who's behind them. After a couple of days it becomes evident to Hazel and Ned who is behind all of their trouble. It's none other than the mysterious thugs Richard C. Plevit and Clive Pritchard. In an attempt to escape these nasty thugs Hazel tells Ned about an email she found on her father's computer from a family member. This comes as a shock to Ned as their father has always told them they have no family. Ned, being the genius he is, finds the number to these long lost relatives. Before they know it the siblings are on their way to an isolated, but charming island to meet their long-lost relatives. Here they are greeted by their four cousins and are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as it seems they have finally been able to get rid of the thugs on their tail. Their moment of relief soon comes to an abrupt end when the kids catch sight of Clive Pritchard. Hazel and Ned clue their cousins in on their situation and all six cousins band together to help solve the mystery. While figuring out this mystery many secrets of Hazel and Ned's past are uncovered, including those that involve their mother's death. Will the siblings be able to figure out why these mysterious people have been following them?

Wow! This book was great. I am always up for a good mystery and this book definitely satisfied my appetite. From the moment I cracked the spine of the book I was pulled into the mystery surrounding Hazel and Ned. The author had the right mix of suspense and adventure to make this book great. I also loved how there were a couple different mysteries surrounding the siblings throughout the book. This made the book move really fast and never left the reader bored, which I think is really important. I was always on the edge of my seat intrigued as to what was happening and questioning what could possibly happen next. The characters in the book were so real. I felt like I instantly connected with Hazel and felt her fear, excitement, and sorrow right along with her. I am anxiously anticipating more books by Jennifer Lanthier and finding out if Hazel and Ned make a habit out of sleuthing. Any fan of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, or just plain mysteries, will love The Mystery of the Martello Tower. Look out for this book on May 13, 2008!

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Di said...

I see you are currently reading The Book Thief. I own this book...but it is currently buried in a box in the garage. It has been strongly recommended by everyone I know who has read it. I'll look forward to your review.


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