Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vegan, Virgin, Valentine by Carolyn Mackler

Mara Valentine is an overachieving high-school senior. She's been awarded early-acceptance to Yale and is in a neck in neck race with her ex-boyfriend for valedictorian. Her life seems to be smooth sailing until her parents inform her that her niece, yes niece, V will be coming to live with them. V is the complete opposite of Mara. She does drugs, she doesn't do well in school, and she is most definitely not a virgin! The first day that V starts school she hooks up with Mara's ex-boyfriend. This makes V's and Mara's relationship even more strained. Mara soon learns to ignore V, even though it is quite difficult, and immerses herself in her schoolwork and job over at a local coffee shop. Over the course of the year there are even more changes in Mara's life. One, she falls in love with the owner of the local coffee shop, a.k.a her boss, her relationship with V takes a turn for the better, and she isn't as focused on college anymore. Through her senior year Mara learns many life lessons and forges many new relationships. She transforms herself into a great person. Will V do the same?

I thought this book was cute. It wasn't fabulous, but by no means was it boring. I could really relate to Mara, especially the whole over achiever thing! I learned that school isn't everything and that sometimes it's o.k. to let loose. V was also a fun character. There are some twists thrown in with V's character that I would never have guessed, but they made the book interesting.

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